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world released a statement. educators and animal care staff are always there on site monitoring all of their exhibits. >>> a bike lane here at golden gate park are style -- cyclist ride between parked cars and the sidewalk along 1.5 miles of john f. kennedy drive. the speeds of both the cars and bikes have dropped more than two miles an hour. but disability activists say it cuts off their access to the sidewalk. so now they are thinking about taking legal action to completely shut down that bike lane. >>> the weekend storm brought major problems to the south bay and that had utility workers and law enforcement working overtime. several trees came down on to power lines and there was also major flooding at several parks. a man, woman, and child were stuck in their car because of flooding on east capital expressway in milpitas. many people now say they are stocking up on sandbags to prepare for the next storm. >> well, i was cooking and look out on the street and there was flood on the park. and it reminds us many years ago in the mid 1990s and we got flooded there. >> in mountain vie
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1